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Little Hemp Shop

Little Hemp Shop

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The Little Hemp Shop is a Devon based family run business bringing you a selection of hemp speciality coffee and tea, vapes, honey, CBD oils cosmetics and other items. We pride ourselves on our quality, freshness & ethical pricing.

We also offer a range of natural health supplements along with your hemp and CBD products.

In 2017, CBD was legalised for use in the UK, validating its benefits as a 100% natural health supplement. We founded the Little Hemp Shop when co-founder Marc was looking for a plant-based, natural, and powerful product. Our mission is to make high quality CBD products accessible to all, without compromising on quality.

From seed to shop, we play an integral part in every step of the process, from carefully sourcing our hemp and extracts to bottling and selling it. We regularly add new products to our range, and make sure each item we offer is to the highest quality in the UK market.

We deliver an unrivalled personal service and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can trust that each of our products is hand crafted with care and commitment to quality. Every CBD product we produce is independently lab tested, ensuring that our CBD content is accurately advertised and free of chemicals and other harmful materials.

We are passionate about the whole hemp plant. We have built our brand around quality and trust, nurturing great relationships with our customers. We are driven by transparency honesty and sustainability.

Our mission is to provide ethical, high quality CBD products at affordable prices and continue educating people about the hemp plant and all the benefits from food supplements to building your home, hemp is very versatile and helps planet greatly. Come visit us to learn more about the plant and all our products to enhance your health and wellbeing.


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