What’s happening in your Market?

We're part of Shop Local Week

This week is Shop Local Week inviting shoppers, local and visitors, to hit the high street and support local businesses. And that includes your local Market!

Why Shop Local in Plymouth Market?

When you Shop Local you help support the local economy, create jobs and boost local communities. When you shop in the Market you also get friendly service, expert advice as well as a chat and a smile from our great stallholders. We’ve also bought in a range of measures to ensure you stay safe as you enjoy your shopping including hand sanitisers to regular cleaning of high traffic areas and our toilets.

Eight great reasons to Shop Local in Plymouth Market

Apart from great choice, great value and friendly service, here’s a few more reasons to Shop Local in Plymouth Market.

1. Help the high street and support the local economy

Shopping at local businesses pumps money into the local economy, and by spending money in your local Market, shop, restaurant, café or pub, you can help our national recovery across the country.

2. Save jobs – and create even more

Supporting your high street creates jobs in local communities, supporting often young and disadvantaged people to find employment. Helping to grow the number of jobs in our local area makes it a better place to live and work, which then creates a healthy economy for the community.

3. Great deals

You might be surprised how competitive the prices are in the Market. We’re also part of the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out discount scheme, saving diners up to £10 per head on eat-in meals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please check with individual eateries or cafes to see if they are taking part.

4. A safe way to shop

We’re following government guidance and have implementing a range of measures to ensure our customers and staff are safe. You can find out more here

5. Preserving the heart of the community

A thriving high street is key to boosting the potential of our city where people can socialise as well as shop. Don’t forget, local businesses also generate revenue to support council services such as libraries, parks and roads that benefit communities across the UK.

6. Spoilt for choice

Many of our stalls stock items which are made locally and aren’t available elsewhere else, providing a great range of choice and unique products that bring much-needed originality and variety into Plymouth. And several of our eateries and cafes tend to select their ingredients from the Market too cutting down on unnecessary ‘food miles’ and keeping your food fresh and local.

7. A better shopping experience

Small businesses are often run by people who live nearby and that goes for our traders too. As the UK continues to recover from the pandemic, the experience of buying locally from a friendly face offers a dose of normality that many of us have really missed.

8. Help the environment

Local shops often source their goods locally, helping to reduce their carbon footprint. And when you shop in the Market, if you’ve walked or cycled to get here, you’ll be helping to reduce air pollution, reduce traffic and improve the quality of the our high street.

All great reasons to Shop Local in Plymouth Market!
We look forward to seeing you soon…