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Unpack your inner vegan at Veganish by Zoe

Challenging perceptions and taste buds, Plymouth Market’s latest eatery is open and serving up incredible food that’s completely plant-based.

Veganish by Zoe in Plymouth Market –
good for you, good for the planet!

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the delicious range of meal options on offer at Veganish by Zoe, just be prepared to give your taste buds a real treat.
Using fresh, unprocessed, healthy ingredients to make meat and dairy-free versions of popular dishes, cooked from scratch, Veganish will change your perceptions of eating vegan.

Chef Zoe is determined to get people eating more healthily whilst still enjoying the flavours and meal choices that they really enjoy, and that includes kebabs and fish-free fish and chips!

Cooked fresh, from scratch

Everything is cooked from scratch at Veganish by Zoe, using ingredients such as seitan and tofu, grains and vegetables, mixed with flavoursome combinations of herbs and spices. And you can forget virtuous lentil bakes and chickpea curries, Zoe is serving up what she calls ‘healthy junk food’; kebabs, pizzas, salmon and cream cheese bagels but all made from plant-based ingredients. Her recipes are tried and tested on confirmed meat eaters as well as veggies and vegans, and have the thumbs up from everyone.

Full of taste, full of goodness and great value here in Plymouth Market

Veganish’s Zoe loves to challenge people to tell the difference between her vegan meals and meat or fish-based versions, and has had only good feedback on how tasty and moreish they are. She likes to be challenged to create traditional recipes the vegan way and without salt, sugar or oil, all things we tend to eat too much of.

Giving something back to the community

Daily in Plymouth Market Veganish by Zoe will offer a hot meal option, paninis and salads, as well as being a pick-up point for pre-ordered dishes. Once a week, there will be a three course meal deal available online, that simply needs heating up, great for busy lives or as a weekday or weekend treat.

Zoe believes in giving back to the local community, so every week Provide, Hamoaze House and the Shekinah Mission will get a share of 50 tokens to distribute so people in need can get a delicious and nutritious hot meal too. So as a Veganish by Zoe customer you’ll not only be eating healthily, you’ll be helping others to do so too.

So make sure you visit Veganish by Zoe in Plymouth Market soon and get ready to ‘unpack your inner vegan’