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Seafood and eat it at Plymouth Market!

New seafood stall in Plymouth Market

Have you visited Plymouth Market’s new seafood stall yet? From fresh crab to lobster bisque, the Seafood Deli has a delicious selection of fresh and pre-prepared treats from the sea.

Over 25 years of experience in the seafood business

The Seafood Deli is run by husband and wife team, Sally and Bob Gordon. They have been processing crab from their locally based business for over 27 years now, where they cook and prepare all their products. This includes smoking locally caught mackerel, making a range of tasty seafood pates and delicious lobster bisque which they sell in Plymouth Market.

Which type of crab will you choose from Plymouth Market?

Crab is a best seller at the Seafood Deli which offers a selection of different crabmeats to suit all tastes and pockets. For a taste of luxury at lunch time in a sandwich or to create a wholesome, healthy main meal, the machine-picked crabmeat is ideal – white or brown. But if you’re looking for something a little bit special, try the handpicked white meat – rich and chunky and full of flavour – perfect with a salad, a little avocado and a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon. Or for the really adventurous, crack open your own whole crab – prepare and enjoy. Yum!

Traditional seafood favourites at Plymouth Market

If cockles and whelks are a firm favourite, stop by the Seafood Deli and treat yourself to a punnet or buy some to take home and enjoy. You can also buy prawns, anchovies and when the season starts in March, the stall will be selling fresh, live local caught lobster from their purpose-built tanks, along with live crabs too.

Building up a reputation for fresh, delicious seafood and with a growing following of regulars too, the Seafood Deli is the place to go to in Plymouth for the freshest, tastiest seafood around.