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Plymouth Market

As a vibrant and integral part of the local community, Plymouth Market has consistently demonstrated excellence in providing a diverse, engaging, and authentic market experience for all.

We stand as more than just a marketplace; Plymouth Market is a community hub that brings people together and has become a central meeting point, fostering a community among visitors. Its welcoming atmosphere and friendly traders create an environment that reflects the heart and soul of Plymouth.

One of Plymouth Market’s standout features is its remarkable diversity of offerings. From fresh, locally-sourced produce to unique handmade crafts, the Market caters to a wide range of preferences.

We also play a crucial role in supporting local businesses by providing a platform for small and independent entrepreneurs to make a start.

With a history dating back to 1959, the Market embodies heritage and tradition whilst having also adapted to the changing needs of the community. This blend of history and modernity creates an appeal that resonates with both long-time visitors and newcomers such as students and young families.

We go beyond being a Market as we host exciting events throughout the year. From Love Your Local Market festivals, to Christmas entertainment and celebrations, we actively involve the community and create memorable and affordable experiences for all.