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Enjoy a taste of Turkey in Plymouth Market

If you’ve ever holidayed in the Med, you’ll know how truly delicious, fresh and flavoursome the local food is.

New stall Tantuni is bringing those tastes to Plymouth Market with their range of authentic and freshly cooked traditional Turkish street foods, available to eat in or take away.

Tantuni in Plymouth Market

Tantuni is a traditional Turkish street food dish and a particular favourite of Tantuni’s owner and chef, Gurbet, who previously worked for five years as a head chef on the Barbican. Originating in Mersin in southern Turkey, a tantuni consists of a filled wrap of chicken, beef, lamb or vegetables that have been marinated in spices, and is served with an onion salad.
It’s just one of a range of authentic Turkish street food dishes available at Tantuni, cooked fresh on the premises daily, using locally sourced ingredients. Look out for their daily specials too.

Enjoy a Turkish breakfast in Plymouth Market

A big favourite of Tantuni’s customers is their Turkish breakfast which makes a really refreshing start to the day. Consisting of olives, eggs, halloumi, dried apricots, honey, cucumber, tomato, toast, all washed down by Turkish tea, it’s a different and healthy way to kick start the morning.

Turkish coffee and Turkish Delight – a winning combination in Plymouth Market

All of Tantuni’s tea and authentic Turkish blend coffee is served in special teapots Gurbet has had imported direct from Istanbul.
To the uninitiated, Turkish coffee is quite a different cuppa from the barista blends we have all become accustomed to. Thicker and with a stronger taste than the brews served in cafes here, it actually has a lower caffeine content than an espresso. Often served with sugar and always served with Turkish Delight at Tantuni’s, it’s definitely a taste worth acquiring.

Starting a business at Plymouth Market

Gurbet, whose wife Amy was born in Plymouth, chose Plymouth Market to start his business because of the amazing range of foods already available there, as well as its great accessibility and well-established customer base.
He says “I’ve always wanted to have my own business, and creating my versions of the dishes I grew up with, was part of the dream. Plymouth Market is a great place to start that journey: everyone is so friendly and helpful here – we’ve already got a number of regulars, just from our fellow stall holders!”

Why not check out Tantuni for yourself – open from Monday to Saturday every week.