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Celebrating Some Of Plymouth Market's Long-time Traders

The 60 year old Plymouth Market continues to be a welcoming place filled with passionate traders and friendly customers. The market experiences local traders coming and going for various amounts of time, but there are many that have continued to trade for many years. We would like to introduce some of them to you – stay tuned to meet some more soon.

Kim’s Collectables

One of our longest standing stalls in Plymouth Market is Kim’s Collectables, the only dolls house shop in Plymouth and this part of the West Country. Kim opened the doors to her stall in 1988, and says the reason she has continued to trade for all these years is because her passion gives her “immense job satisfaction”. Kim appreciates the “security of working in our market” and loves helping and meeting likeminded people. “Being friendly will the other traders is one of my favourite things about this job; I have made some good friends over the years!” Some of Kim’s Collectable’s most popular items include her dolls house accessories and miniatures, which you can find on Stall 124.

T&J’s Work Basket

Terry and Jenny at T&J’s Work Basket set up their stall in the market over 45 years ago in 1976, supplying all haberdashery needs and selling an amazing range of products. They always have a laugh with their customers and fellow traders and that is one the reasons that has kept them trading over the years. “We are an Aladdin’s Cave!” Make sure to visit stall 104 and say hello to Terry and Jenny.

Michael’s Movies & Music

Michael at Michael’s Movies & Music started at Plymouth Market in 1995 to pursue his passion for film and music. He had fond childhood memories of the market and loved going with his Mum and Dad; he says “those days you had to shuffle down the aisles as it was always so packed”. One of Michael’s favourite things about working in Plymouth Market are his loyal customers, who he has become friends with over the years. “We’ve had so many fun times and have all grown up together. It’s quite special as some of the stalls here are a social hub for many”. Despite the rise of streaming, the DVD and CD market is still very strong which allows Michael to stay busy until he decides to one day retire. Visit Michael’s Movies & Music on Stall 136.


Petals Florist established themselves at Plymouth Market in March 2001 and it is still run by the same three ladies to this day; Lyndsey, Jill and Joanna. They have decided to continue trading in the market throughout this time as they “prefer the market to a shop as it has good passing trade and the security makes us feel safe”. Together with the expertise of Shirley and her talented staff, Petals have grown from strength to strength, even during difficult times. Thanks to Shirley’s philosophy of providing a friendly and helpful service to all, Petals will always provide you with the utmost customer care and attention. You can find Petals on stall 61, 62, 69 and 70 for all of your flower arrangement needs.


Mother and daughter business partners, Karen and Sarah, have been running Hannah’s since 2013. You can visit this family-run business for all shapes and styles of walking sticks, which are measured and adjusted especially for you; Hannah’s also stock other items such as wallets, bags and more. When asked why they think Hannah’s has remained so successful, they said “it is down to our good business model and the fact that we are personable and approachable”. Along with this, “we have loyal customers who trust us and even recommend us to other people”. At Hannah’s they truly enjoy what they do and feel a reward for their hard work. You can find Karen and Sarah on stall 112.

The Nut House

Matt started The Nut House in June of 2014 and has been trading here ever since; he says the reason he has continued to trade for the last 8 years is because “it is the best place for small business’ to grow safely”. Matt enjoys helping the wide variety of customers that visit his stall and looks forward to continuing to grow in Plymouth Market. The Nut House’s most popular items are honey cashews and chocolate honeycomb; make sure you come and try some of his treats on stall 94.

Stay tuned to meet more long-time traders soon!